1. Don’t claim the theme, the pictures, the coding or animations as your own.
2. Don’t credit yourself when given the theme.
3. Please keep the theme online for at least 4 weeks.
4. I do NOT accept orders for websites coming soon.
5. I will not make an order for any websites related to porn, nudity, violence, and criminal activity (TV shows and movies aren’t included in this list).
6. Candid/On set photos are not accepted. Please send only event-related or photoshoot pictures. This does not apply to icon orders.
7. I will not accept any bullying or intimidation for your order. If this happens, you are immediately on the blacklist and you will be blocked from any sort of communication.
8. Do not recopy the theme, the coding or anything related to the theme.
9. Do not use my theme as a theme base. Please pay a premade for that.
10. You are not allowed to drastically change the theme without my previous consent. Please keep it as it is unless I have given you the permission.
11. Credit is due. Please credit me with my link as the following: Mirela.
13. a) In the event you cancel your order after I have made the theme, you will only receive half the amount in return. No full returns beyond that point.
b) In the event that you cancel before I reach your name on the order list, you will receive a full refund.
12. This is not exactly a rule, but I request that when you have the theme online, please email me so that I can update my portfolio. Thank you.
13. If you have read the rules thoroughly and properly, please click here and enter Yqx5X8Pe as the password to request an order.

MCMXCIX is a web design site. Our intentions are to only create themes for fansites and provide resources for fansite owners. We do not claim ownership of any pictures, patterns, programs, etc. The resources provided are not to be claimed ownership by the client unless otherwise indicated. All resources are of use but must abide by rules.